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                           OUR FAMILY AND ORCHARD HISTORY

Summer is flying by and our "orchard family" is gearing up for our 2017 Apple Season! 2017 marks our 40th year in business.  Where have the years gone!?

This has been a big year of change for us.  Family continues to be the central part of my life and my greatest blessing.  My three daughters, Lindsay, Stephanie and Brittany are all doing well and the grandbabies are keeping me on my toes!  They are definitely the "apples of my eye".  Lindsay and her husband, Berk Boehne, live in nearby Shabbona where Berk farms, raises hogs, and has a trucking business.  Lindsay and Berk have given me two adorable granddaughters, Avery, age 10 and Madison, age 7.  Lindsay helps Berk with their farming and trucking operations and helps at the orchard.  Stephanie and her husband, Nate Lamoreux, live in Lanark, IL where Nate farms and raises cattle.  Stephanie teaches 7th and 8th grade in Lanark.  Steph and Nate have two active little guys, Lleyton, age 6 and Hawken (Grandpa Hawken's little namesake), age 4.  They have their work cut out for them keeping up with their boys!  Brittany and her husband, Shane Richey, live and work at the orchard.  Brittany is also a mammographer at Kishwaukee Hospital and Shane works part-time as an accountant.  Britt and Shane blessed me with a beautiful new granddaughter this spring.  Finley Mae is a sweetheart with an attitude!  Last winter I remodeled the farmhouse and made the move into it in March.  I grew up in the house, so it was like coming home.

Max, our black lab, is still around.  You may see him out for a slow stroll around the orchard, but he's enjoying spending more time relaxing in the house in his old age.  Jojo, our adopted shepherd mix will definitely be waiting to greet you this year.  She is well suited to life at the orchard and loves nothing better than to sit in front of the shop and watch over her domain. 

In 1965, my dad, Hawken Askelson, decided to plant a few apple trees as a hobby.  Dad had retired from farming, but still had a strong desire to be involved in agriculture at some level.  He decided that planting a few apple trees to provide fruit for our family would be a great idea.  I think my mom, Edna, agreed just because she thought it would keep him busy.  Dad got a little carried away and planted more trees than we had family.

Within a few years, the trees that Dad had planted were producing more apples than our family could possibly use.  Not being ones to let anything go to waste, Mom and Dad decided to set up shop in their garage and sell apples in grocery bags to friends and neighbors.  That was all the incentive Dad needed to turn his hobby into a business.  He planted more trees and by 1977 was growing enough apples to buy a cider press and officially open up for business.  That year, my husband, Steve, and I joined my parents in the business.

Dad retired from the orchard in 1992 and Steve and I took over the full time operation of the orchard.  Dad passed away in 2000 and Mom passed away in 2011, but their commitment to provide our customers with quality products and a chance to spend time on the farm and create some great family memories continues.  I'm sure you'll agree, we've come a long way since we sold our first grocery bag of apples out of the garage!

Kathy Askelson Bock