Apple Barn Country Store

                       APPLE BARN COUNTRY STORE

Our Apple Barn Country Store is a late 1800’s farm barn, which has been converted into a unique farm market and country store. In the Apple Barn, we feature a large selection of farm fresh produce and apple cider, honey from our own beehives, fall decorations and ornamentals. We also carry a wonderful selection of specialty foods, which includes homemade caramel apples and candy and a unique selection of gourmet foods.


It's our farm fresh apples that bring people out to Honey Hill Orchard. Our apples are all hand picked, sorted
and bagged. We are committed to giving our customers the freshest, best quality apples possible.


We have 20 beehives at the orchard. Our honeybees are necessary for pollination of the apples trees. In addition to our own hives, we rent additional bees for pollination during apple bloom.
Our honey is pure raw honey, which means that it has not been pasteurized and does not have any additives. Many doctors recommend locally grown honey for people suffering with allergies to pollens. It is believed that eating honey made from local pollen is like getting an allergy shot. 

An apple a day never meant you had to eat it! 
Our sweet apple cider is made with the juice of a special blend of several varieties of apples with nothing else added. Our cider is completely natural, unpasteurized cider, which gives our cider it's unique flavor and cloudy appearance, that is unlike the heated and bottled apple juice you find elsewhere. Since our cider is raw apple juice, it needs to be kept refrigerated and used within a week or two. If you would prefer pasteurized cider, just heat to 160 degrees and refrigerate.

We have a great selection of gourmet foods, including easy to use baking, dip and soup mixes and delicious salsas, maple syrup and Amish preserves.